A sophisticated living room design  composed of light, color, shapes and textures, all colliding at different levels to shape the perfect informal social space. Modern living room, versatile enough to share space with other functional areas
Living Room
Modern kitchen offering streamlined and minimalist styling with clean lines, open spaces and highly-functional post-industrial materials combined with natural timber and stone.
 In the basis of this Bedroom conception are clear lines, simplicity, comfort and lightness. The palette contains white, black colors and neutral shades, while bright accents are welcome. The main element is graphic lines, free space, minimum number of decor elements and furniture items. This modern style is also cosy and comfortable for everyday life.
his playful kids bedroom is desighed with the understanding the kids’ characters. The room style matches with the whole style of the house. Having a pastel color with simple decoration is one of the inspiration for shared room in order for them to have neutral color and the nuance or warm and calmness in their bedroom. The additional things like mat and paintings is going to make the room even better .Bunk Bed provides two bed in one room with one is in the top and another one is in the bottom. Both bed are connected by stairs. Bunk bed saves the room space and is decorated in accordance to the children’s interest.